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APA (argyle pandas anonymouse) [entries|friends|calendar]
Arglye Panda

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Promo. [10 Jul 2005|07:32pm]

[ mood | hot ]


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Pics! [17 Apr 2005|02:41am]

[ mood | pleased ]

It's James Marsters! And he's nekked!Collapse )

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FAAW #4. [09 Mar 2005|07:21pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

So, it's Wednesday which means we're getting down to it. The fourth fan fic author that I'd like to appreciate was one of the first ones that came to mind. I love her stories, and she has written one of my most favorite stories ever, ever, ever. It's like...one of my top three favorite fics. It's great. I love it. THANK YOU!!

So...kantayra, I'd like to thank you for Double Spiked, as well as all of the fic you have on your site.

And, while I'm at it, thank you for Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum, which you're co-writing with kallysten. Thank you both. I can't wait to see what happens.


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FAAW #5 [08 Mar 2005|06:49pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

I'd like to show my appreciation for paganbaby. I can't say that her writing has never...I dunno...bothered me? But! I can say that in general, I like her stories. I've read all of her stories on the Spuffy Fantasy Archives more than once, and I'll Be Seeing You is one of my favorite fics.

So...PaganBaby, thank you.

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FAAW #6. [07 Mar 2005|11:59pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Whoo-hoo! One minute before midnight. I have made it. Anyways...the second fanfic writer that I'd like to show my appreciation for is Echidna. I haven't actually read much of her work, but I read one of her stories, Too Close For Comfort that was on the Spuffy Fantasy Archives, and I loved it. I can't wait for Buffy and Spike to *finally* get together.

So...echidnas_pen, thank you for writing. =)

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Fanfic Author Appreciation Week, started by irishrose1. [06 Mar 2005|06:27pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

March 6 through March 13
Post to your LJ each day at least one of your
favorite fanfic authors
and why you love them, their work, and why they
need more appreciation.

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A promo for my dears... [01 Mar 2005|01:53pm]

[ mood | bored ]



Are you pretty enough?

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Promo! [07 Jan 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

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2005 Drabbles! Spread the word! [31 Dec 2004|02:50pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

"2005 drabbles by 2005

I haven't seen one of these in a while and i never launched one myself... i guess there's a first to everything :)

I challenge you, my friendslist, my friends of friends, and any random passerby who will see this, to participate in the writing of 2005 drabbles (100 words) set in the BtVS/Ats universe before the year 2005 rings in. Label your drabbles in the subject line with rating, timeline and pairing if applicable. After your drabble, give a challenge for other writers, as precise or as vague as you wish. Answer to challenges as a reply to the comment that contains the challenge. You can answer a challenge that already has replies.

DO NOT hit reply to comment on a drabble as we will use the number of replies to see how many drabbles have been written. I will delete any comment that do not contain a drabble. If you think a drabble is particularly good, go to the author's LJ and comment there. Better yet, pimp the drabble in your own LJ.

I'd be grateful if you pimp this around so that we get as many potential partcipants as possible :P

And to set the wheels in motion here's my challenge: anyone, any rating, any setting.

ETA: Yes i am insane, how did you guess? 1629 to go!

ETA2: remember, 100 words. I'm not going to count and check there isn't an extra word or two, but if by simply looking at it i can tell it's too short / too long, i will delete it.

Thanks to everyone who played so far. Play again! Bring friends!

ETA3: Please remember to issue challenges to keep the game going."

Source: kallysten's lj.

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Promo! [15 Dec 2004|12:23am]

[ mood | awake ]


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hmmmmm [01 Dec 2004|09:38pm]

well I didn't go, but sounds intriguing...

My parents went to the restaurant Cru today for their aniversary (Eileen you probably know it) and now won't stop talking about how wonderful it was and how they brought all these little delicacies to my parents table that they didn't even order. And I am mad at them. Because I couldn't go.

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X-POSTED/For all you geeks out there... [01 Dec 2004|09:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I say geek in the nicest way possible, of course...

briananananana was the one who passed this on to me, so all credit should be give to her. And now, without further ado, subtitles from a bootleg Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD.Collapse )

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[21 Nov 2004|09:43am]


seeing as it is quite lonely here, you need not fill out an application. Although the application is pretty cool.
But its kind of like charity that you took the two seconds to press "ask to join" or whatever you pressed.

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argyle alligators [11 Nov 2004|12:10pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

I want an argyle stuffed alligator. That we be awesome would it not?

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[17 Sep 2004|08:55pm]

[ mood | creative ]

So i tryed this recipe:

I had leftover garlic butter pasta and I cut up little strips of teh scilian salami and put it in it, heated the pasta up then put ramono and pepper on it... Advice is....... TAKE IT EASY ON TEH CHEESEZORZ!!! Cublings it get to salty with the cheese and the meat so use a moderate amount OK?

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THE COMMUNEIZORZ [12 Sep 2004|08:12pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

hello cublings.
ANd guess what day it is?
The day before school starts.

OH JOY!!!!

so cublings i love you

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Greetings mortals [12 Sep 2004|06:32pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is our (ie, my, for I am the only one her) first entry! Community spirit, yo. I would love for everyone to join, or try to join, by posting your application thingy at the Argyle Panda Application Page. At this stage of things, you are pretty much garaunteed to get in, since I am currently the only member. (at least until Wrongcloud checks her emails.)

Technically, we are still under construction, and mainly I will be off editing little things like the info, and trying to advertise this community. (BTW GO MAKE PROMOTIONS AND ICONS PLEASE???) If you get bored, visit my own personal journal! Nit_the_wit

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